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Madisons Foundation - Moms And Dads In Search Of Needed Support


We are the only website in the world that connects parents whose children have the same rare disease. We understand how important it is to have access to medical information and to get in touch with other parents dealing with your same issues.



Ms. Smith Goes To Washington-Video

Watch the video of Marcy speaking in Washington at the 2011 Childhood Cancer Summit, Washington D.C.

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CoRDS Logo

Here at Sanford Research, we are committed to finding cures and advancing therapies into rare diseases. To further this mission, we established the Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford (CoRDS) – a national rare disease registry designed to accelerate research into these rare conditions.

m-Power® Database

Empower yourself with knowledge about your child's rare disease. Together with a team of medical specialists, we have created a library of rare pediatric disease write-ups. We compile and post current medical facts, information, support groups, and web links to explore.



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Chronic Complex Diseases of Childhood

Marcy Smith's mission to educate parents about their child's rare disease, inspired us to create a text book dedicated solely to the care of children with complex and chronic diseases.


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Our Mission

Madisons Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality and quantity of information available to parents of children with rare, life-threatening diseases, and to facilitating effective communication among parents, physicians and medical experts through:

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